Dedicated Development Team Services

Expand your development capabilities by hiring a dedicated team of developers with years of experience in the industry you need.
A one-stop provider of full-cycle software development services, Digitinia maintains the versatile technical expertise required to handle end-to-end delivery of large-scale, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary projects.


Dedicated development team services bring you the perk of tight cooperation with the team to stay on the same page. But these are not all the benefits you get from this model.

  • Long-term cooperation
  • Expand your in-house team
  • New tech or domain expertise

Dedicated development team is a good choice to

Strengths of a dedicated development team model

Relevant expertise
We’ll assemble a team according to your requirements, industry, and specific expertise you’re looking for.
With flexible payments, it’s easy to pick the most convenient model and distribute resources.
Ease of expanding
Dedicated development team’s size can be easily scaled up and down depending on the state of development and scope of work.
Full control
Get full control over managing dedicated team developers and complete transparency of processes.

Why choose us

We follow a proven multi-step assembling process to provide the best-dedicated development team that meets your requirements.
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  • Agile-oriented development team full of high-tier experts
  • On-demand team scaling
  • Fast integration into existing development workflows
  • Strong technical expertise across six industries
  • Huge talent pool to choose
  • Experience with Jira-like corporate tools and ease of communication
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement on request
  • Full management control

What we offer


Developers translate your ideas into lines of code and make the project work the way you mean it. You’re free to choose talents based on your goals and requirements — we’ll assemble the perfect dedicated development team that’ll deliver your requirements.
Mobile development
Front-end development
Back-end development


Thoughtful and delightful design is what makes digital solutions stand out from the crowd. We’ll assemble a team of the best UI/UX designers to help you create a unique look and feel for your project.
Mobile UI/UX design
Web design


Except for developers and designers, we can help you with development operations to increase the overall team efficiency, setting up cloud infrastructure, optimizing cloud costs, and the product’s quality control.
Quality Assurance

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