Managed IT Services

It is common for businesses to get distracted by IT-related issues and lose focus on core business functions. IT has become a vital element in business management, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise, which is challenging for every business to develop by itself. Therefore, they must acquire outside solutions like Digitinia, which offers managed IT services.

Focus on
Critical Business Functions

Let Us Resolve Your IT Issues

Digitinia offers exclusive and cost-effective solutions that are considerably less than the cost of hiring an in-house expert. Hence, it allows you to relax as you no longer need to worry about IT-related concerns. Digitinia managed IT services ensure 24/7 monitoring of your complete IT system through its proactive approach. It enables the team to timely address the issues. One of the top benefits of our proactive approach is that the problems are resolved without you even knowing there is a problem. Digitinia keeps the small problems small and prevents them from becoming major failures.

How does Digitinia Benefits Your Business?

Our service is cost-effective and budget-friendly. We operate remotely, which allows us to cut several expenses incurred due to physical labs. Our 24/7 monitoring tool operates as effectively as on-sight personnel. Key elements of our Managed IT services include:

Server Monitoring

We monitor your server and care for it using our state-of-the-art technology involving advanced tracking software that tracks and analyses the server activity all the time. The software alerts a dedicated team regarding the problem. The team works on identifying the cause and determining the right fix. The problem is fixed remotely, but it can be escalated to our dedicated technical team if required.

PC Monitoring

Our proactive approach is not confined to servers alone. We believe that IT issues can be equally frustrating for desktop users as much as they are problematic for others. For example, viruses and spyware often drain the system while staying hidden in workplace computers. Our IT service is also helpful in this regard, ensuring the non-stop productivity of your employees.

Personal Handheld Device Management

Digitinia keeps up with changing business context, and it understands the need for the latest, efficient, and secure ways of operations, such as using personal mobile phones/laptops by employees in the workplace. The configuration of a new system is a time-consuming and risky process. Digitinia employs industry-wide best practices and the latest technologies in its mobile device management solution.

Security Assessments

Is your IT network protected against vulnerabilities? Digitinia’s managed IT services include regular security assessments of the entire IT infrastructure. We’ll let you know any vulnerabilities, big or small, and suggest the most effective solution. With the help of our security assessments, your IT systems will always remain online and contribute to business growth and success.

With MITS Managed IT Services, Rest Easy

  • Monitor Your Server 24/7
  • Identify System Vulnerabilities
  • Remotely Troubleshoot Errors
  • Backup Data
  • Install Security Patches
  • Manage Employees’ Personal Devices