IT Project Management Services

Project management (PM) is defined as the framework used to guide your team to success—this includes your team objectives, tools, and techniques both over the long-term and your day-to-day work.
Why is project management important?
Project management is important because it provides the leadership, motivation, and roadblock-removals that help teams introduce new products or services, grow revenue, and meet other company goals.

Experts in Project Management Consulting

Digitinia has offered its customers a wide range of consulting services in Project and Portfolio Management. Our consultants and trainers offer specific recommendations and practical solutions, tailored to your unique business requirements. We specialize in the implementation of Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid Project Management methodologies.
By prioritizing the use of effective project management methods and frameworks, organizations can proactively and continuously improve their workflows to avoid overspend and mistakes. During these fast-moving times, the companies who rise to the top rely on solid project management to remain efficient and productive.

What Makes Digitinia’s Project Management Services Stand Out?

Our team of experienced consultants will help you optimize project deployment, operation and delivery. We will also assess and implement sustainable project management methodologies and practices tailored to your needs, and create and deliver a training and competency development program to achieve:

  • Effective and optimized project plans
  • Realistic and manageable project schedule
  • Appropriate project controls
  • Results on time and within budget
  • Increased efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Reduced disruption, risks and uncertainties
  • Better communication
  • Long-term strategy
  • Improved overall project and portfolio performance

Our team of consultants, trainers and professionals are experts in project management maturity and organizational change management. We rely on our unique blend of proven methods and tailoring techniques to create and deliver solutions adapted to your needs. While we recognize the value of case studies with tried and tested standards and methods, we value adapting and combining specific tools and techniques to your needs and requirements more.

Increase your team skills with our project management staffing

Our workforce services help organizations stay competitive and agile across many industries by making recruitment easier and cheaper for project managers. Here are all the strategic benefits that our project management staffing brings to the table:

  • Contingent workforce management: No need to hire full-time staff; we offer the flexibility of full and part-time support.
  • No need to invest in training either: Our experienced and efficient project management talents are highly trained, and they come in aware of your methodology and industry.
  • Scalability: You do a lot more than recruiting one person; you gain access to our entire network of industry experts and consultants.
  • Flexibility: Save time in talent acquisition with PMC’s network of an expert workforce.

Our contingent workforce service brings outside perspectives and outsourced solutions for complex projects and many business problems that your organization may encounter. This program helps your professional business development by achieving your financial and operational objectives. Our qualified project management professionals also reduce their costs and mitigate their risks. Moreover, by using our professional staffing services, our clients gain support in their key areas, which helps them meet their goals.

Below are typical tasks and responsibilities that can be carried out by our professional staffing services:

Agile Practitioners and Coaches

Coaching: Working with teams to institute, practice and adopt Agile tools and techniques. Identify and present opportunities for the team to improve.
Mentoring: Serve as a mentor to Scum Masters, Product Managers and other Agile leaders with the intention of making Agile techniques successful and efficient.
Training: Provide Agile and role-specific training for management, team members, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters (in groups or one-one)

Project Managers

Planning: Work with teams to clearly define project requirements and objectives, develop high-level and detailed schedules, determine resource and budget requirements, identify potential risks and plan for them, and establish an overall project management plan.
Monitoring and controlling: Provide status reports, ensure compliance of execution to the project management plans, and identify potential corrective actions and required changes.
Communication: Communicate with clients, management, executives, vendors and other stakeholders. Lead and conduct status meetings with the team.

Project Control Officers, Planners and Schedulers

Planning: Establish detailed project schedules using Critical Path or Critical Chain Methods, determine time-phased budgets and create and maintain project baselines.
Monitoring and controlling: Prepare and maintain status reports, ensure reporting compliance by team members, validate work performance data, and prepare project status reports. Document meeting minutes, prepare agendas and coordinate status meetings.